Emily (Em J) Johnson

Emily (Em J) Johnson, founder of HYPE Fitness with Emily, is also a wife to Rusty Johnson and mother of two beautiful daughters, Kylee & Kenzie. Six weeks after having her second child, Emily attended her first dance fitness class. It was an instant fatal attraction!

For the next several months, while living in Alabama, Em J attended multiple classes. She soon moved back to her hometown of Soddy Daisy, Tennessee; where she, due to the influence of family & friends, became a licensed instructor. She began as a Zumba instructor & throughout her two years as a Zumba instructor Emily became even more passionate about helping people become a healthier version of themselves through dance.

Her drive of wanting to be more creative & get more out of her workouts, she created her own dance program. In September of 2014 HYPE Fitness with Emily was birthed, which focused on more hip hop music and boot camp style exercises than what Zumba allows.

Through her passion & unique format, weekly classes filled up and has quickly became one of Chattanooga`s most talked about fitness classes over the last two years!

When we interviewed momager (Em J’s mom-Seresa Grant), she said; “we all knew Em was going to be outstanding by her entrance into the world. Em and her two sisters always played news reporter, dancers or movie stars. In elementary school Em would come home every evening and we would dance!”

According to momager, Em was always involved in other sports; cheerleading, volleyball and soccer but she would somehow get in a dance when possible.  “It didn’t matter where she was we knew she would break out in a dance sooner than later,” says momager.

Her drive, determination and passion for dance has evolved over the years, there is no wonder her childhood dream has become a reality. HYPE Fitness with Emily is her way of providing health, fitness and dance to everyone who desires to be healthier and awards the opportunity for all to “dance their way fit!”