Michelle Lewis

I joined HYPE fitness with Emily in April 2015 and it has forever changed my life ! I decided to join HYPE fitness with Emily because I have a love for dancing. I was getting so bored and tired of going to the gym everyday only to see no results. I was getting discouraged with the whole work out thing when I decided to give HYPE fitness a try. One class is all it took, and I was HOOKED!! From the moment I met Emily I was inspired. I wanted to follow in her footsteps and have her drive and determination. She would push us and encourage us all while still entertaining the most fun workout class I’ve ever experienced ! I started 3 days a week and within a month I could tell a huge difference! My pants were loose, my entire body felt FIT and in shape! I continue to go to HYPE fitness because it is so much fun, and gives me an intense 1 hour workout that I know I could not get anywhere else . I have so much fun that it makes me want to go back which in return helps me stay on track with my fitness goals! I love HYPE fitness with Emily and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fun, intense workout !